I’m R. A. Sullivan, welcome to the party!

Welcome to my world! I’m happy you’re here. Of course, I welcome comments, suggestions, questions, complaints, and general bitching anytime!

But like most grownups, I don’t tolerate bullies, disrespectful people, and hate speech. At the end of the day, we’re all people and everyone deserves respect. Thank you for keeping your comments and messages unoffensive, so we can all live the dream together! And don’t worry about swear words; if you read my books you’ll run into several liberally used adult language. So join me, have fun and don’t be shy! Hugs, -R

I am the author of Angel: An SIU Novel, released in August 2020, and Don’t Breathe: An SIU novel, released in February 2021.

This is Book 2 in the series, released in February 2021.
This is Book 1 in the SIU series, released in August 2020.

Greetings fans!! I am author and an attorney and I live in New York with my daughter, husband, dog and cats. I prefer writing to attorney-ing.

This is ME! I’m always open to suggestions, and since I self-publish, I appreciate when my readers reach out with typos or mistakes. Don’t be shy, just say hi!
I am one evil, evil bunny. What’s hoppin’ bro?

My books are crime/thriller novels, with a little spy/espionage thrown in for good measure. A tiny piece of the paranormal may pop up here and there.

Do you smell smoke? Cuz I’m ON FIRE!! #momjokes
I LOVE hearing from fans!
When I’m feeling all serious and lawyer-like…

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